д.р. 07.02.2018 г.

male: Avalonis White Whale Al Skazka – vice World Winner – 2016, Inter Ch, Grand Rus Ch, Rus Ch, Blr Ch, RKF Ch, Club Ch, Breed Ch – 2016, 2017.

female: Step Forward Keysy – Rus Ch, Blr Ch, RKF Ch, J Rus Ch, candidate for Inter Ch



1 male

Step Forward PRIMUS INTER PARES – owner Natalya Bryzgalova, Russia

4 females

Step Forward PER SE – owner Marina Derubina, Russia
Step Forward PERSONA GRATA – owner Mark Smolders, Netherlands
Step Forward PLUS ULTRA – owner kennel “Step Forward”, Russia
Step Forward PRIMA SPES – owners Christel &  Werner Stamm, kennel “of Taita’s Ushabti“, Germany

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