Jul 29 2017

Keeper is International Champion!


29.07.2017 CACIB Rotterdam -NL-
Judge Mrs Wenche Eikeseth -NO-
Step Forward Keeper ex1, CAC, CACIB, BOB

Grooming and handling Christel & Werner Stamm !

Finaly we get now 1 jaar and a few days between his first CACIB and his last so that he has now the requirements for the International Champion Titel 

Jul 22 2017

Rocky in Latvia

22.07.2017 in Vilnius (Latvia) Stap Forward Markus (вл.Christel & Werner Stamm ) – excellent, CAC, BOB and BIG – 3!
Rocky’s coin box was replenished with one more title!
Grooming and handling of Anastasia Lobachova

Jul 08 2017

IDS in Estonia

Step Forward Marcus reached today the requirement for Estonian Champion at the 2*IDS in Estonia –  2*ex.1, 2*CAC, 2*CACIB, 2*BOB! Judge in the ring Istvan Csik (Germany) and Viive Maranik (Estonia).

Thank you  Anastasia Lobachova, Christel & Werner Stamm!

Jul 02 2017

Rocky is Champion of Belarus!

07.01.2017 at the national dog show of all breeds in Belarus Stеp Forward Markus (aka Rocky) – excellent, CAC, BOB and RBIG!

Judge Breed Mr Maxim Nikolaky (BLR), Judge Group Mrs Sviatlana Radziuk (BLR)

Congratulations to the owners of Rocky Christel & Werner Stamm with the newly born Champion of Belarus!

Handling and grooming Anastasia Lobacheva.



Jul 02 2017

Keeper is Champion of the Netherlands

01.07.2017 Stеp Forward Keeper at IDS in the Netherlands – excellent-1, CAC, ВОВ, CACIB!!!

Many thanks to Christel Werner Stamm for her work and to Judge Mr J.F. Vanaken (Belgium) for the excellent criticism and appreciation of our boy!

Now Keeper became the Champion of the Netherlands!!!

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