Kennel “Step Forward” is registered in FCI and the Russian Federation Cynologique in 2009 and has: – certificate number 9445 for registration in the FCI – individual stamp with an abbreviation STF.
Our objective: preserving wonderful breed – Sealyham Terrier, getting healthy, beautiful dogs with a stable psyche, bright sunny temperament and character.
Sealyhams are companion dogs, whose main purpose is to be with someone. They are convenient for keeping in an urban setting, perfectly transfer trip and did not bring you trouble on the road, if necessary, can be satisfied with small physical activities, but always with great pleasure that will accompany you on long walks. They are well managed and are absolutely not aggressive towards man, communication with whom always prefer games with their own kind.
We are always happy to meet new people and socializing with old friends, open to collaboration with colleagues and are willing to share their knowledge and experience with those who are interested in this.
Our puppies are active, cheerful, inquisitive, connected and very person-oriented.
Our puppies are registered in the RKF-FCI system.
Each child has a veterinary passport and marks on vaccination and treatment.
All puppies are vaccinated with Nobivac DHPPI + Nobivak Lepto and Nobivak DHPPI + Nobivac Lepto + Nobivac Rabies.
Puppies treated by Drontal and Front Line.
We are waiting only owners who will love our children and who will be able to provide them happy and active life with themselves.
We do not insist on taking part in Dog Shows, but we will be happy about this and any other *applications * of our puppies (agility, canis therapy, Pitch & Go and much more)
We do not sell puppies to secondhand dealer.
We do not sell puppies for papi mills.
Our puppies are not wholesale.