So the great journey of our kids to their new homes has come to an end. From Shadrinsk to England and Scotland.
11 days of travel through half of Russia and all of Europe, about 10,000 km.
From the bottom of my heart I would like to thank the people who made this possible:
❤ Marina Khenkina is a super organizer and a brilliant logistician, ‘it is thanks to Marina that the failed (in view of the imposed sanctions) Cargo was replaced by land transport, reliable couriers were selected, all negotiations and approvals were promptly and brilliantly carried out;
❤ Alexey and Svetlana Sokolova – mega reliable and fast delivery of puppies to Moscow, when there were no options but to sit down and go, suddenly, putting aside all plans and work, only a couple of hours to pack the puppies on the road … a little more than a day and for shoulders more than 2000 km, they managed to send the kids on a long journey on time, and then, the same long way home …;
❤ Sergey Pet Delivery Kanaev – an incredibly difficult section of the road from Moscow through Belarus to Europe, quickly and without fuss, calmly and kindly, reading messages in the WhatsApp group, it is impossible not to get infected with his confidence that everything will be as it should, according to plan;
❤ Paula Pet Transport – made our waiting incredibly comfortable and practically reduced all fears to 0, throughout the entire journey we received wonderful videos from them about how our babies are traveling and resting, and when you see clean and cheerful puppies, the excitement recedes.»
Let this difficult path for our kids become the road to their happy life!