08.12.2018 NDS Kassel 
Judge Breed Mr Falk Siewert:

Step Forward Markus ex 1 CAC VDH, CAC KFT
„ Rocky „ became today German Champion VDH so proud of my Boy he finished today his 10 adult Champion with only 3 years.

Step Forward Prima Spes ex 1, JCAC VDH, JCAC KFT, BOS
„ Prima „ became today German Junior Champion KFT she was only showed 4 Times and reached already German Junior Champion VDH, German Junior Champion KFT, Bundesjugendsieger and Alpen Jugendwinner so proud of this young girl

We are proud of the success of our graduates and are grateful to their owners  Christel & Werner Stamm  for their great work and golden hands!